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Cloud Atlas is the brand new masterpiece from the directors Tom Tykwer (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer) and the siblings Wachowski (Matrix). The movie is an adaptation of the novel by David Mitchells, published in 2006. The film was mainly shot in the Babelsberg film studios, Berlin.

The movie spans a bridge between past, present and future. It is visionary and timeless at the same moment – truly a piece of art. Individual stories and fates are closely interrelated in an bohemian way to create a coordinated whole. The energy of one story strengthened the upcomming ones. The narrative style of the particular stories are matched to the style of the different eras which increases its contents. An eclectic movie, that plays with common viewing habits and tells the very essence of mankind in a collection of anecdotes. Fascinating and impressive at the same time.

But what would a movie be without its matching stage props? Especially a movie like this lives through it’s ensouled features. The team of ZEITLOS – BERLIN is proud to be a part of this great movie with the rental of furniture. Style-defining pieces of furniture are used in the movie, like the tubular steel nested tables B9 by Marcel Breuer with their austere elegance, representative for the Bauhaus Design of the 30ies. As well as the serving trolley ‚Savoy’ from the Art Déco or the Ikora-metal vase from WMF are radiating the charm of the classical modernism. You can see these objects in the official movie-trailer.

If you like taking these brilliant years into your home, we can offer you suited objects for certain.

The team of ZEITLOS – BERLIN wishes you much pleasure on the journey with the furniture of ZEITLOS – BERL