´30s Streamline armchair

´30s Streamline armchair

Ref: 01641
Style: Art Déco
Designer: company design Mücke-Melder
Country: Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer: Mücke-Melder
Model: FN 21 Famos
Material: chrome-plated tubular steel, leather upholstery, stained beech wood
Year: 1930
Condition: refurbished
Dimensions: h.: 82 cm x w.: 57 cm x d.: 85 cm
Price: 1950 €
Available: 1


According to our guidelines, the chairs are restored by experts for everyday use in a style that remains faithful to their original design. Towards that end, we have developed in cooperation with a member of the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin our own technologies, cuts, and patterns. 

The chairs stand out due to their true-to-original design, and also because of their select materials and quality craftsmanship. We also offer a wide selection of authentic upholstery materials, such as leather and fabrics in various textures and a broad palette of colors. This makes each chair from ZEITLOS – BERLIN unique.

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