Sistrah wall lamp

Sistrah wall lamp

Ref: 02189
Style: German Modernism
Designer: C.F. Otto Müller
Country: Germany
Model: Megaphos SS o
Material: nickel-plated brass, opal glass, clear glass
Year: 1933
Condition: original
Dimensions: h.: 35 cm, diameter: 30 cm
Price: 1800 €
Available: 1


The light we offer here comes from Scandinavia and has the "Megaphos" stamp for the products sold abroad by the house Sistrah. In the cataolg from 1933 of the Sistrah company, this model is presented with the type n° SSo. The inlaid white colored top and the opal glass rings are made for a very soft, diffuse, glare-free light.

Ref: Sistrah sale catalog of 1933


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