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Products of ZEITLOS – BERLIN


ZEITLOS – BERLIN offers collector‘s items of high cultural historical value from the Bauhaus-, Art Deco-, Streamline- and Mid Century eras. These are rare exhibits in museum quality, mainly untouched.


ZEITLOS – BERLIN offers untouched and restored originals of the Bauhaus-, Art Deco-, Streamline- and Mid Century- eras.


As ZEITLOS – BERLIN we also offer our own designs in the style of Bauhaus Modernism. We call these authentic products „forgotten designs“.


ZEITLOS – BERLIN offers a collection of hand picked new products. New production design classics in the style of Bauhaus, Art Deco, Streamline and Mid Century eras by well known manufacturers like: Müller Möbelfabrikation, L&C stendal, Asko, Adelta, as well as Technolumen and Tecnoline.