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Housing development "New Jerusalem"

Most people wouldn`t even pay attention when passing by the residential area between Heerstraße and Nennhauser Damm in Berlin. "New Jerusalem" was built in the years 1923 to 1925 by architect Erwin Gutkind for Academy members of the Staakener flying airship port. The 42 identical semi-detached houses are located in Berlin-Spandau and are listed modernist buildings.

Gutkind`s houses are strict cubes with a geometric grading of the building. For the ground floor white stucco was used, and the upper floor was originally cladded with red bricks - an exciting mix of materials that the architect used for many of his buildings.

The settlement received its name from modern architecture opponents because of the once whitewashed walls. The bricks were removed by the residents already in the 20s.

"New Jerusalem" shall be restored within the next few years. Therefore a reorganization plan was developed to return the buildings into semi-detached houses again at today's living standards. 

Source pictures/informationen: 3PO>Bopst Melan Architektenpartnerschaft BDA and Vilmoskörtes Blog.

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