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Designscene Taipei

The air-line distance between Taipei and Berlin is 8962.165 km. When it comes to design the distance between the two cities is much smaller. 1989 there was a Bauhaus exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Taipei. "For many people in Taiwan, the German school of design known as 
"Bauhaus " seem as foreign as Chinese Opera is 
to Eskimos," was the motto of the newspaper "Taiwan Today". What`s going on today in terms of design and culture?

Our colleague Aboli Lion is reporting from Taipei:


Rüskasa Design - The most beautiful trees in the woods

At Rüskasa you will find Taiwanese minimalism combined with sustainability:

During the period as Japanese colony Taiwan mainly shipped wood, rice and sugar to the islands in the north. The result is a lack of quality wood in Taiwan. When it comes to the choice of a suitable material for furniture, Rüskasa furniture are made of American hardwood from sustainably managed forests.

Dragonfly Design - Gallery in the Eslite Sin Yi Mall

The gallery was founded in 1996 by Jeff Dah-Yue Shi. It achieved international attention with its design products that combine Taiwanese traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Jeff Dah-Yue Shi has designed furniture that won the Red Dod Design Award 2009 and 2010. He wanted to help the bamboo factories in Jhushan and preserve them from shutting down. We think: Altruism as its finest!

Café Showroom – Art and Design 

In Taipei, there is a young design scene - trying to tap into their own districts - as in Berlin. The "Shida" area is currently one of the hottest design districts of Taipei. Anyone interested in art and design must take a coffee at Showroom Café art gallery.

Chafortea – Contemporary tea fashion 

The custom of drinking tea has a long tradition in Taiwan. The traditional tea ceremony where old men sit together and drink tea is called "lao-jen cha". There are many Cha-shops in Taipei, but "Cha for Tea" is the epitome of the new tea culture in Taiwan. The enjoyment of tea will be presented in contemporary interior design.

Din tai fung - Dumplings

The best dumplings in town you get in the restaurant chain Dintaifung. Appointed by the New York Times as one of the 10 best gourmet restaurants in the world and crowned with one Michelin star, we have to say: Dintaifung is THE culinary highlight of Taiwan! You can enjoy the dumplings in the luxury department store Sogo.