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Tel Aviv

When in 2003 the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the inhabitants of the city reacted with surprise. The “White City”, as it is also called, designed and built by Jewish architects from the Bauhaus School Weimar in Germany immigrated to Israel, has only in recent years regained its symbolic significance.

But Tel Aviv has a lot more to offer than just Bauhaus. Tel Aviv is also a city of cultures and a city full of life round the clock. It`s a "bubble" in where people forget about the conflict in the rest of the country.

Expression of a new beginning - the "White City"

With around 4000 Bauhaus and modernist buildings, Tel Aviv shows more examples of this architectural style than any other city in the world.
Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and developed under the British Mandate to the city for thousands of Jewish refugees who was seeking a new and safe home. An expression of this new beginning is also the "White City", which follows all the architectural ideals of modern construction.

The silent world of facades - Street Art

Street art adorns the walls of the city. In particular, the Florentine artists' quarter in the south of the city benefits from the various quiet and colorful decorations on the facades. A special feature of the recent past and present is the "Trash Can Painting". This "Art on Wheels" had its origin in Jaffa, where trash cans were transformed into works of art and slowly moved from the south of Tel Aviv into the city centre.

Timeless world of the flea market - Jaffa

A timeless world is the all year open flea market in Jaffa. Apart from tourist shops you can find unique treasures of the 200-year of the country`s immigration history. Second-hand shops are lined up next to one another in small rooms, filled with interesting items, such as brass bowls or oriental lamps. One of the many cafés in the center of the market square invites you in giving you an opportunity to rest.

Culinary - Casbah de Florentine

In the Casbah de Florentin you can get culinary specialties and see changing art exhibitions and live concerts.

A totally different world - the theater Nalaga'at

The Nalaga'at theater is located in the quiet port of Old Jaffa. It is a special theater because its actors are blind or deaf. Among other things, what is currently performed is the piece "Not by Bread Alone." The play tells a story of the lives and dreams and stories of the individual actor actually performing on stage. The real highlight of the show will takeplace after the end of the piece. What follows is that the audience is invited on stage to share with the actors the freshly baked and still warm bread that has been baked during the performance and forms the central theme of the piece.

ZEITLOS – BERLIN thanks guestauthor Rosa Meyer for her contribution!

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