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The ECO-House Berlin and praxis of special character

In 1955 an advertisement read as followed: “The prestigious ECO-House at Kurfürstendamm is with its seven floors belongs one of most impressive more recently built building in the west of Berlin. It offers 1000 employees within the garment industry work space full of natural light”. Not only from the outside does the building reveal a moving history but also the inside of the house is equally impressive.

The office building was designed by Herbert Schiller in the years 1954-55 and built from a steel-concrete skeleton. At the time of the opening of the building the ground floor gave space to the Bonbonniere cinema. The first occupant of the rooms was the clothes manufacturer Gerhard Eben & Co. where from the name of the building has been derived.

At present the ground floor, with its glass facades, is taken up by numerous businesses. From the first to the fifth floor the office windows stretches across the building with travertine tiles running as parallel lines in between the windows separating each floor. At the very top floor the façade is set further back leaving a terrace with a fence as the viewable from the street below.

After the “Wall” had been raised most of the clothes manufacturers ran their businesses from this address throughout the 1960s. Today the building resides various businesses, such as a law firm, and the medical praxis Dermatologie des Westens. The photos show the beautiful interior design of the medical praxis.