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The Hardenberg House in Charlottenburg

One of the most influential office and business buildings of the whole post-war West Berlin is the one drawn by architect Paul Schwebes. The house is called the Hardenberg House and is situated in district of Charlottenburg.

The building, counting a total of seven floors consists of two parts that form one architectural unit. Günther Wehde completed a total refurbishment of the interior in the years 1973-74. The building came to be known as the Kiepert House after the book store Kiepert having its head office within it until September 2002.

In year 2003 and 2004 Berliner project developer Hühne Immobilien GmbH did a complete overhaul of the building, which is now a listed building, meaning that it is protected due to historical heritage. The overhaul has made the building the  closest of ant in Berlin to a 1950s building. The project developer has subsequently been awarded a special prize from the “Bundesland” for the fine craftsmanship in preserving an historical object. Also the company restoring the glass parts has received a prize for the fine work on the building.

Responsible for the overall project was the architecture firm Winkens Architekten, as they were in charge of the drawings of the refurbishment and therefore directly related to the end result.

Today another book store takes up three of the seven floors with two floors being occupied by the dispatching company Manufactum. The rest of the space is taken up by grocery store Brot & Butter, Balzac Coffee and Radio Energy with a number of production studios.