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The Online Design Gallery ZEITLOS-BERLIN

The Online Design Gallery ZEITLOS – BERLIN is specialized on the sale, distribution and rental of restored original and museal design classics and collector´s items of the Bauhaus-, Art Deco-, Streamline- and Mid Century eras.


On our website you find a wide range of important vintage furniture products, created by the leading architects and designers of he 20th century. All sales items own an extensive and competent expert description with lots of background informations about drafts and manufacturers, styles, year's issues, material textures and condition.


Under the category New arrivals you can find an overview about our weekly additional purchased goods. Whether Chairs, lounge chairs, sofa, sideboards, desks, tables, wardrobes and lighting of all kinds – we present you the bribing statement of a time when Design still was the symbiosis of the belief into the future, comfort and taste.